Interview Kontextur

Fanny Noël and Diogo Lopes reflect on the themes of the office’s projects in an interview with Katharina Benjamin, for the Kontextur platform. Read here

Gardeners House Occupancy

Photo survey of occupancy traces at the Gardeners House by Anna Benador.

Lecture Heia Fribourg

Cabinet is invited to present the electric substation project à la l’Heia Fribourg. The lecture focuses on the reusing of metallic elements from existing pylons in the new building. Image: High Tension Pylon, Hilla and Bernd Becher

Lecture AAM Mendrisio

Fanny Noël is invited to present the work of Cabinet at AAM Mendrisio. Image: Electrical Substation

Publication Architects Newspaper

Emily Conklin writes about the Gardeners House in the Architects Newspaper. Read here.

Publication Tracés

Lisa Naudin writes about the Gardeners House in Tracés journal. Read here.

Publication Werk, Bauen+Wohnen

A short interview about our work is published in Werk, Bauen+Wohnen. The publication includes the project Garderners House. Read here.

Lecture DARQ Coimbra

Cabinet presents its work under the theme “Recompose” at the Coimbra School of Architecture (Pt) on the occasion of its 35 year celebration.

Lecture HEAD Geneve

Cabinet is invited by Valentin Dubois and Bertrand Van Dorp to present their recent projects and participate in the final crits of their teaching studio in HEAD.

Exhibition Colors

Cabinet contributes to the exhibition “Colors” with the Gardeners House. The contribution reflects on the role of color in the facade of the building. More information on diskursiv

Lecture ISCTE Lisbon

Cabinet is invited by Filipe Magalhaes, Fala Atelier, to present its current projects to the students of ISCTE Lisbon. The lecture focuses on the complementary relationship between houses and gardens. Image: Siedlungen Agglomerationen, Fischli Weiss

Lecture TU Kaiserlautern

Diogo Lopes is invited by Lena Unger Studio (Meier Unger Architekten) in Kaiserslautern University. The presentation focus on the rare and thin moment when the architect encounters natural elements.

Teaching EPFL Lausanne

Diogo Lopes is invited by professors Marco Bakker and Alexandre Blanc to give his contribution within the framework of Magma & Principles under the theme Tempus Edendi. The team of students will work on the relation between Le Corbusier’s Petite Maison and Ozu’s Late Spring, under the theme of spatial layering in connection to the exterior world.

Lecture FAUP Porto

Cabinet is invited by Edgar Brito Studio at FAUP Porto to present its current projects. The lecture focuses on the first projects of the practice under the theme “Figures in a landscape”. Image: White Canoe, Peter Doig