Publication Gardeners House

"Si l'on parle de rassembler, interpreter, dépasser et inverser pour décrire ce projet, c'est qu'il détourne un programme complexe en un objet plastique.", Lisa Naudin writes about the Gardeners House in Tracés journal. Lire ici.

Interview "Young Architecture Switzerland"

The Gardeners House and a short interview about our work is published in Werk, Bauen+Wohnen. Read here.

Lecture "Recompor"

Cabinet presents its work under the theme "Recompose" at the Coimbra School of Architecture (Pt) on the occasion of its 35 year celebration.

Lecture "Recomposer"

Cabinet is invited by Valentin Dubois and Bertrand Van Dorp to present their recent projects and participate in the final crits of their teaching studio in HEAD, Geneva.

Bicycle pavilion

The bicycles pavilion is being assembled in the artist studio garden.

Exhibition "Colors"

Cabinet contributes to the exhibition "Colors" by Diskursiv with the "Gardeners House". The contribution reflects on the role of color in the façade of the building. The chosen color - "sky blue" - emphasizes the open space of the forest clearing and the relation between architecture and natural elements.

More information on diskursiv

Competition - School Verdeaux-Pépinières-Saugiaz, Renens

Cabinet wins 3rd prize in the competition for the refurbishment and extension of a school site in Renens. The project, entitled "Green Archipelago", interprets the site as an ocean of green where different figures, with various expressions, old and new, stand out.

Collaboration with Studiolo

Conversation - What's Next Podcast

Cabinet is invited to participate in the podcast "What's Next", hosted by Therese-Marie Hinrichs. Our conversation can be listened on the usual streaming platforms or on this link:

Competition - Electrical substation

Cabinet wins the 1st rank in the open tender for the extension of an electrical substation site in Geneva. The project consists in the refurbishment of the existing structures and the construction of a new workshop and a new electrical hall. The main ideas of the project focus on the relationship with the Geneva forests and fields that surround the site, inaugurating a new approach of the Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) towards the environment.

Lecture "Houses and Gardens"

Cabinet is invited by Filipe Magalhaes (FALA Atelier) to present its current projects to the students of ISCTE Lisbon. The lecture focus on the complementary relationship between houses and gardens, figures and fields, nature and architecture.

Image: Agglomerations, Fischli Weiss

Final Review, Studio Bakker&Blanc

Diogo Lopes is invited as critic for the final review of Studio Bakker&Blanc "Experience - Limite I" at EPFL

Mid-crits, Studio Maria Conen

Fanny Noël is invited as critic for the intermediate review of Studio Maria Conen "Story II" at ETH Zürich.

Lecture "Encountering Nature"

Diogo Lopes is invited by Lena Unger Studio (Meier Unger Architekten) in Kaiserslautern University to talk about the relationship between architecture and nature.
The presentation focus on the rare and thin moment when the architect encounters natural elements.

Mid-Crits, Studio Mülterer

Fanny Noël and Diogo Lopes are invited as critics for the intermediate review of Studio Mülterer "BAVARIA MUST NOT LOOK LIKE BAYERN" at TU Munich.

Ozu and Corbu

Diogo Lopes is invited by professors Marco Bakker and Alexandre Blanc to give his contribution within the framework of Magma & Principles under the theme Tempus Edendi - sequences of domestic meals. The team of students will work on the relation between Le Corbusier's Petite Maison and Ozu's Late Spring, under the theme of spatial layering in connection to the exterior world.

Final review, Studio Job Floris

Diogo Lopes is invited as critic for the final review of Studio Job Floris "Aemulatio" at TU Dresden.

Mid-crits, Studio Samuel Lundberg

Diogo is invited as critic for the intermediate review of Studio Samuel Lundberg "Folly" at TU Kaiserlaustern.

Competition - Givisiez School

Cabinet partipates in the competition for the new school and gym of Givisiez, Fribourg. The project proposes a School Theatre reinterpretating the interiors in decorated timber, with a strong expression of construction, founded in the region. This atmosphere was thought to embrace both the everyday school activities and the celebratory events of the village, offering a new civic center to the inhabitants.

Lecture "Figures in a Landscape"

Cabinet is invited by Edgar Brito Studio at Faculty of Architecture University of Porto (FAUP) to present its current projects.
The lecture focus on the first projects of the practice under the theme "Figures in a landscape"

Competition - Elderly Residence, Bex

Cabinet participates in the competition for a new elderly house in Bex.
The project proposes an agglomeration of typological figures with different degrees of relation towards the landscape. Wooden constructions gradually break down into light elements echoing the strong presence of vegetation that surrounds the new building over the entire parcel.